Online Political Action Course

The following instruction details the steps taken to begin the online Political Action Course (read only).

  1. The CP-USA Political Action Course is presented to supporting voting members at no charge. If you wish to take the course, simply email us at and ask for an invitation. Non-members may be invited to take the course at a charge of $7.00 through our Online Store and no email asking for an invitation is necessary. In either instance, this is a first important step because the online learning software must be instructed to recognize you.
  2. You will be notified by return email when step one has been accomplished. Also, in that reply email will be course URL link and the user name and code of your course proctor which will be required to log into the course. Although this version of the Political Action Course is a read only version, you may later decide to become a Conservative Party USA accredited member. Accredited members subject themselves to testing and field exercises all under the supervision of your proctor.  The tests and field exercises for accreditation are now under construction.
  3. Upon clicking the course URL, the page appearing will look like this:

    The”My Certification” displays accomplishment of this and any other CP-USA courses. To start a course, enter the take a course link.
  4. That will bring you to”

    Only courses given an invitation will appear here. Select “Take Course” on the course you want to take.
  5. This page will appear:

    Click on “Begin Course” and it will take you through the course. Once you have started the course you can leave and re-enter as you wish until the course is completed.
  6. For questions after you have started the course, email:

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