About Us

About The Louisiana Conservative Party

The Louisiana Conservative Party is a Louisiana trade mark and it operates as such. It was incorporated July 7, 2008 as a non-profit corporation, first as Louisiana Conservative Party, Inc., however it changed its official corporate name to Conservative Party of Louisiana, Inc. January 6, 2009. The name change in was required in connection with its legal affiliation with the national Conservative Party USA, said affiliation effective April 8, 2009.

The affiliate relationship with the national party brings to Louisiana Conservative Party many administrative benefits, notably a fully automated membership system.

The purposes and objectives of the Louisiana Conservative Party are:

Educate – To educate the public about the United States of America form of government envisioned by its founding fathers and written into law.

Advise – To advise the public about candidates and legislative acts that effect the citizens of Louisiana.

Submit – To submit candidates to public office under the banner and endorsement of the Louisiana Conservative Party.

Elect – To elect candidates endorsed by the Louisiana Conservative Party,

The Louisiana Conservative Party is a 527 political organization

Political party organizations organized under section 527 of the tax code are considered “political organizations,” defined generally as a party, committee or association that is organized and operated primarily for the purpose of influencing the selection, nomination or appointment of any individual to any federal, state or local public office, or office in a political organization. All political committees that register and file reports with the FEC are 527 organizations, but not all 527 organizations are required to file with the FEC. Some file reports with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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